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Metal Tubes

Electrodeposition Coating

Commonly referred to as “E-Coating,” this is a favored and effective corrosion prevention technique. Using an electrical current, your positively charged meter set takes a bath in a liquid solution filled with negatively charged paint particles. These particles naturally bind themselves to all surfaces of the component, providing a thorough and durable coating.






This process is completed on all eligible products to maintain our commitment to quality and excellence in 4 main steps:

Clean and prime product for the paint bath

Immerse the product fully in the e-coating solution (This is where the magic happens)

Rinse thoroughly and dry down.

Bake product in a specialized oven to cure the paint

Why Do We Believe in E-Coating?


There are many benefits to E-Coating, including:

  • It provides a chemical barrier, helping to prevent corrosion and making your meter set more durable.

  • It executes a more even and thorough coverage. Because the component is fully immersed, even the most difficult nooks and crannies are reached.

  • Consistent thickness. A simple increase or decrease in voltage allows you to precisely control the thickness of the coating. 

  • It's considered relatively faster and more environmentally responsible across industries.


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