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About Reliable 

Headquartered in Carroll, Ohio, our story is rooted in a steadfast commitment to provide quality equipment, stemming from our founder's genuine need for reliable metering solutions. Pre-fabricated gas meter sets are our bread and butter. We have served the natural gas industry nationally for over 15 years. Today, we are proud to be your single stop for gas meter set solutions, and an approachable brand with modernized production and design technology. From residential to industrial, we are on a mission to serve you one meter set at a time.

Energizing the Natural Gas Industry with Trustworthy Metering Solutions

Quality First

Take pride in the details, prioritize excellence in every step, and pursue continuous growth.

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Create an unmatched experience, deliver swift results, and be your approachable experts from consultation to final application.


Earn your trust through transparency, initiating accountability, and delivering products that surpass industry standards.

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Design creative and modern solutions for all of our customers through flexible and customizable care.

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A Widespread Reach

From a bird’s eye view, we serve the Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) infrastructure, with both a localized and international reach. Valuing every customer is woven through our DNA. That’s why we’re happy to provide products to companies with a wide footprint or small local businesses looking for a trustworthy source. Whether you’re in need of one or hundreds, our quality will remain steadfast.


Why Reliable?

In short, we are committed to excellence. This not only reflects in your Reliable experience, but also in the products we sell.

Product Quality: Using only the best components, sourced from credible, USA made manufactures, our meter sets withstand thorough testing to prevent possible gas leaks.


Corrosion Protection: It’s all about longevity and reducing long-term service costs. Before assembly, we use Electrodeposition Coating (E-Coating) and industrial-grade painting to substantially slow-down meter set corrosion in the field. .


Delivery Performance: On-time delivery you can count on. It’s that simple, but makes all the difference.


Modern Technology: Investing in new technology sparks continuous advancement in our testing practices, production, and overall purchasing experience, ultimately serving you better.

Learn More About E-Coating
Learn More About Our Testing Practices
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Customization is at the forefront of what we do, and we like to make it convenient and approachable. Whether you’re an industry pro or still learning, you get to be the designer (but we’re always here to guide you along the way).

Designed For You & By You

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