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Your Single Stop for Pre-Fabricated Gas Metering Products  

Our specialized products are designed with you and your final application in mind. How, you ask? We give you the ability to customize to your exact requirements. Whether you need one or dozens, choose from our standard designs or create your own with an extensive range of customized details. In other words… if you need a pre-fabricated meter set, you’re in the right place.


Residential Gas

Meter Sets

If you use a gas stove or natural gas heats your home, you will find a residential gas meter set on the side of your house. With a range of sizes to regulate gas pressure, fewer threaded joints to make installations and attachments convenient, quality valve locks, and customizable insulation solutions for all climates, we take our role seriously in keeping you and your family safe.

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Often used in apartment buildings, condos, and commercial multi-tenant structures, manifolds are a simple and effective solution to commute gas from a single source to multiple destinations. Executed with the upmost care and attention to detail, these can be welded according to your specifications, including scope, presence of meter bars, horizontal or vertical positioning, and more.

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Commercial Gas

Meter Sets

Our commercial gas meter sets are tailored to match your applications. This means original configurations, the capacity to withstand higher pressure, an ability to provide maximum volume of gas, and a commitment to integrity so that your business accomplishes its’ projects smoothly. 

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High Volume Industrial

Paint Line

Custom painting and coating can contribute to the lifespan of your equipment, protecting against physical and chemical damage. Not to mention, it boosts the aesthetic value and brand of your gas meter sets. These metal components need to withstand various elements. Whether you’re purchasing a brand-new gas meter set or need a fresh coat to preserve other natural gas components, our industrial paint line can help you maintain functionality, rain or shine.

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USA Made with a Quality-First Mindset

Quality is of the upmost importance to us! That’s why we only partner with the best. Our components are sourced from credible US-made manufacturers that we trust to deliver on your high expectations and our high standards. You can expect your pre-fabricated meter sets to feature:


  • Fewer threaded joints for application ease and convenience

  • Pressure testing to ensure each product category is leak proof

  • Electrodeposition coating (E-Coating) to promote durability and prevent corrosion

Learn More About E-Coating
Learn More About Our Testing Practices
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The Reliable Experience 

​From start to finish, we are devoted to an approachable and exceptional experience. Contact us directly to place your customized order. Once connected, we will walk you through each step. 


Your Specs​

Learn about your project functionality & performance needs



Customize according to your project requirements



Finalize your project details & payment



We’ll take it from here



A package is on its way

Why Choose Reliable? ​

Learn how we maintain our commitment to quality through our values and esteemed standards.


Your Reliable Solution When You're Under Pressure.

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