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A Steadfast Devotion to Innovative & Trustworthy Solutions  

Engineering Solutions for the Natural Gas & LPG Industries

Reliable Manufacturing is a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of gas metering components and customized meter sets for the Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industries. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, our specialized products are designed with you, your safety, and your final application in mind.

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Localized Value with a Global Reach

We are on a mission to bring you engineered solutions. This means that no matter what you need, we’re dedicated to finding personalized and flexible options. We don’t want you to scramble for materials, that’s why we’re dedicated to maintaining sufficient inventory for efficient fabrications and turnaround deadlines.

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Setting the Standard for Dependable Components

It’s the art of customization! Your Reliable Manufacturing solutions will be tailored to your project requirements, such as the type of gas, temperature, pressure, volume, and destination environment. This means you have a team who specializes in resolving new and unique scenarios daily.  From meter bends, swivels, to adapters, you can be certain that no matter which product you require, our standards remain consistent and yes… reliable.

Learn About our Esteemed Standards

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The Reliable Story

Locally owned in Carroll, Ohio, Reliable Manufacturing has served the natural gas industry for over 15 years. Our brand is founded on trust (it’s in our name after all), and a steadfast commitment to provide you quality equipment that truly meets your individual needs. Over the years we have evolved immensely, mastered our craft, and undergone a complete brand renovation. However, through it all, our devotion to innovative solutions has never wavered.

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Proud to Service the Natural Gas Community

Natural Gas is well-loved across industries as it is available in abundance for extraction, less chemically complex, provides a more affordable option, and is cleaner than other fossil fuels. ​

Natural gas can be transferred at various specs. That’s where we come in. Our wide range of modified meter sets and accessories allows you to transfer natural gas at the levels you require, to fit your final application. In other words, no project is too small or too big.

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5594 Winchester Rd NW

Carroll, OH 43112

(740) 756-9373 (Office)

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Monday – Friday: 8AM – 4PM
Saturday / Sunday: Closed

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